District Profile

The South Middleton School District is located in Cumberland County, South Central Pennsylvania. The District Office, Boiling Springs Senior High School, Yellow Breeches Middle School, and Iron Forge Educational Center are located in the town of Boiling Springs, five miles south of Carlisle and twenty miles southwest of Harrisburg. The W.G. Rice Elementary School is located five miles south of Carlisle on Route 34 near Mt. Holly Springs. Geographically, the School District is contained within a single municipality, South Middleton Township. The Township covers 51.5 square miles and is inhabited by approximately 12,939 residents, concentrated in a suburban-rural setting.

South Middleton School District is a community-based school system, delivering a quality educational program to our citizens for over one hundred years. The District serves as a hub for the community, working with the South Middleton Township Parks and Recreation Department to provide many educational and recreational services for our residents.

South Middleton School District's approximately 2,252 students in kindergarten through grade twelve attend classes in four buildings. Students in kindergarten through grade three attend W.G. Rice Elementary School; students in grades four and five attend classes at the Iron Forge Educational Center; students in grades six, seven, and eight attend the Yellow Breeches Middle School; and students in grades nine through twelve attend the Boiling Springs High School. Because of this configuration, students start their formal education together in the same building and stay together throughout their thirteen years at South Middleton. In addition, having all classes of each grade together in one building provides greater flexibility for scheduling and providing services.

The District has made a commitment to maintaining a low student-teacher ratio, particularly at the elementary level. The average class size at W. G. Rice Elementary is 20 students; at Iron Forge Educational Center, it is 24 students. At Yellow Breeches Middle School, the class size is approximately 26 students. The high school maintains class size based on the academic discipline and facility space in which the course is offered. Average class size ranges from 18 students in Art, Family and Consumer Science, and Technology Education to 25 in Social Studies.

The staff of the District includes 17 administrators, 187 faculty, 43 fulltime support staff, 10 part-time support staff, and a varying amount of crossing guards and athletic coaches. Believing in lifelong learning, the District encourages the professional staff to continue their own professional development through college courses, independent studies, study groups, book discussion groups, and attending conferences and workshops. 116 of our staff members have Master’s degrees and 6 have terminal degrees.

The curriculum is comprehensive, providing students with an education in the arts, business education, computer science, English, family and consumer sciences, foreign languages, health, language arts, mathematics, physical education, the sciences, and social studies. Technology instruction has been integrated throughout the K-12 curriculum. A full-day kindergarten program was implemented during the 2004-2005 school year. Block scheduling has been in place at the high school since 1995. Advanced placement courses, internships, job shadowing, and college courses are available for high school students. Seniors may participate in a cooperative education work experience. Counseling services, gifted education, and a full range of special education services are available at all levels.

The District participates in the programs of the Cumberland-Perry Vocational Technical School, Harrisburg Area Community College, the Capital Area School for the Arts, and the Capital Area Intermediate Unit Number 15. Distance learning is available for our students, as well as dual-enrollment in post-secondary institutions. Co-curricular offerings provide a comprehensive program of inter-scholastic and recreational sports for boys and girls. Many students participate in multiple activities, including music organizations, such as bands and choruses; drama opportunities; school yearbook and newspaper; and a number of clubs, service organizations, and booster groups. Boiling Springs High School has active chapters of both the National Honor Society and National Art Honor Society. Students have unique opportunities because of the district’s geographical location. They are able to participate in an Outdoor Education program, hike the Appalachian Trail, participate in the Ski Club, and fly fish in the Yellow Breeches Creek.

With the help of a supportive community, modern facilities, ample resources, a strong staff, curriculum and instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners, and many supplemental programs, South Middleton School District is proud of the educational opportunities provided for our students.