District Office
James A. Estep - Superintendent
Kevin J. O’Donnell, Jr. - Assistant to the Superintendent 
Tina L. Darchicourt - Director of Business and Operations 
Carlesha G. Halkias - Director of Human Resources 
Alex C. Smith - Director of Student Services
Jennifer M Chamberlin 
- Supervisor of Special Education
Brian L. Ronan 
- Director of Technology and Technology Support
Ryan M. Frey - Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds

Boiling Springs High School
Joel K. Hain - Principal
Mark J. Correll - Assistant Principal
 Rachel W. Boyle - Athletic Director

Yellow Breeches Middle School
Dr. Jesse R. White - Principal
Iron Forge Elementary School
Trisha L. Reed - Principal

W.G. Rice Elementary School
David A. Boley - Principal