Health and Wellness Resources

1. CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) 1-800-822-2447 
Free and low cost HealthCare
2.  Adolescent Eating Disorder Outpatient Clinic (Penn State Hershey Medical)
Clinic or evaluation requests 717-531-2099 
3.  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 717-243-6005 24 hour counseling and referral service 
4.  Cumberland County Crisis Intervention 717-243-6005  
5.  Cumberland Perry Drug & Alcohol Commission (717) 240-6303
Referral for alcohol, drug, tobacco, and other drug related services 
6.  Teen Line (A service of Holy Spirit Hospital) 1-800-722-5385
Self-referral and counseling, 24 hours, no fee. 
7.  Yellow Breeches EMS - Membership is available for $90/family per calendar year and will cover students who need to be transported from school by ambulance.  Call 717-486-3833

Web Sites:

Center for Disease Control 

National Institutes of Health

How Students Benefit from Quality Sleep