Transportation Department


Transportation Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do I find my child’s busing information?

For the most current and up to date information, please make sure you are signed up to the Sapphire Parent Portal. Your student’s busing information will be available prior to the start of school. Please watch for a notification when that information is available. Postcards will not be sent out this school year.

We have moved, how do I change my child’s busing information?

Please contact the school building your student attends. You will need to provide 2 forms of proof of residency. This can include a copy of your lease or deed, a copy of your utility/electric/water bill, insurance statement. Once the building secretary has received those and made the appropriate changes, the transportation office will be informed. The transportation office will contact you via phone or email with the correct busing information and the start date.

My child will be attending a new daycare or babysitter, how do I set up the transportation for that?

Please contact the Transportation Department. You will need to fill out a Babysitter/Daycare Information Sheet and a Transportation Change Request Form. It may take up to 3 days to change your student’s stop. You will be contacted via phone or email with your student’s updated busing information.

I think my child has too far to walk to the bus stop, can the stop be moved closer to my house?

Bus stops and schedules are not changed for this reason. Pennsylvania State Law allows a district to ask a child, regardless of age, to walk up to a mile and a half to a bus stop. The average walking distance to a school bus stop for South Middleton students is between 1/8 and ½ of a mile.

There is a bus stop for elementary students near my house, why doesn’t the middle school/high school bus stop at this stop?

The bus company runs 3 bus schedules, i.e., Rice Elementary, Iron Forge Elementary and YBMS/BSHS. The schedules and stops are designed based on ridership, safety, and efficiency for each schedule. Additional bus stops are not added for this reason.

I think my child’s ride is too long, can the bus schedule be changed?

Bus stops and schedules are not changed for this reason. Transporting nearly 2500 students over a large area will require some students to be the first on the bus in the morning and last off in the afternoon, 
i.e., some will have a longer bus ride. Routes are based on population distribution, efficiency, and safety. There are no time limits set by Pennsylvania State Law or regulations.

My child walks up a steep hill, can the bus stop be moved closer to my house?

Bus stop locations are based on an analysis of both safety and efficiency. If possible, bus stops are not located on steep hills where it may be difficult for the bus to stop or start.

My child is the only student at the stop this year, why can’t the stop be moved to my house?

Stops are evaluated each year. Once stops are established, stops are not changed for the convenience of an individual or a small number of students or families. Although stops are reviewed each year, it is important for reasons of safety and efficiency to maintain as much consistency as possible from year to year.

I can’t see my child while walking to the bus stop, can the bus stop be moved closer to my house?

Bus stops are not changed for this reason. Pennsylvania School Law permits student walking distance up to 1 ½ miles.

My child crosses the street to the bus stop, can the bus stop be changed to my side of the street?

Some students will have to cross streets and roads to a bus stop. Children should wait to cross the road to board the bus until the bus is at a complete stop with red lights activated.

We had a bus stop closer to our home last year, why was the stop changed?

Stops will change year to year depending on the number of students in each residential area and grade levels.

Why isn’t there a bus stop in our new housing development?

Buses are not normally routed into “under construction” housing plans due to safety and efficiency concerns. Construction vehicles often block access and cause route delays and safety issues. Bus stop request in new housing developments will be considered only after the streets are “turned over” and maintained by the township.

Our neighborhood does not have sidewalks, can we have an additional bus stop, so our children do not have to walk to the existing stop?

With the large number of streets and roads in SMSD, it is necessary for some students to walk on streets or roads in neighborhoods with no sidewalks.

What if I think that my child’s walk to the bus stop is unsafe?

Rohrer Transportation and SMSD personnel will both review bus safety concerns. This review may involve a site visit. Based on review of conditions, the bus company submits a recommendation to the district to keep the current stop or recommends a new stop location.

Who do I contact if I have a transportation question or concern?

If you have any transportation concerns and/or questions please email [email protected] or call the Transportation Department at (717) 258-6484, ext. 2317 Depending on the situation, please allow a minimum of 3 school days for a response, During this time, parents/guardians may have to provide transportation for their students.

Transportation for students is provided in accordance with regulations established by the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Motor Vehicle Code and the South Middleton School District Pupil Transportation Policy (#810). The Business and Operations Manager reviews and may grant special transportation service requests within the confines of that policy. Parents requesting a change in transportation service should complete the form below. 

PLEASE BE SURE YOUR REQUEST IS COMPLETE AND DESCRIBES IN DETAIL THE NATURE OF YOUR REQUEST. You will be notified in writing when review of your request has been completed.