Technology Department

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Mission Statement

The South Middleton School District Technology Department works to provide reliable, quality technological tools, counsel, and assistance to the students, educators, staff, and community. The Technology Department strives to ensure all equipment, software, and services function in a customer service-oriented manner that promotes student achievement and academic success through partnerships with District stakeholders and community members.

Our Goals

The Technology Department works to...

  • ensure that all technology functions to support student achievement.
  • develop a strong partnership with staff and provide staff with the information they need to monitor and support student achievement.
  • develop and monitor a proactive plan to meet the technology needs of the district for the future that ensures the use of current best practices.
  • promote lifelong learning in the area of technology for all district employees by challenging ourselves and others to continue to learn and grow through reading, research, and in-person learning opportunities and by ensuring that resources for professional development are provided for all staff as needed.
  • utilize quantitative and qualitative data to drive decision making and deployment of resources. 
  • respond to and share all relevant information with stakeholders in a timely and effective manner.

About the Department

The SMSD Technology Department is currently made up of six staff members. The staff consists of two Network Systems Administrators, a Computer Technician, a Technology Integrator, and the Director of Technology. The department is tasked with providing key business and productivity tools and services as well as play an integral part of academic instruction and assessment. 

The Department  maintains and supports over 1,000 laptops (including a 1-to-1 program), approximately 600 iPads, 1,200 Chromebooks across the District. The department works to support over 3,500 students, employees, and community users. In addition, the Department works with users to be lifelong digital learners and integrate technology for the betterment of student achievement. Finally, the Technology Department works to constantly improve, seeking input from students, employees, District leadership, and the educational or information technology industry.