Releasing Children from School

Releasing Children from School

No school or grade may be dismissed before the regular hour for dismissal, except with the approval of the superintendent or her designee. Since the school is responsible to the parent for those hours the child is in school, these rules shall be observed:
1. Children shall be released from school only to their parents or to persons pre-authorized by their parents or legal guardians. Parents should come to the office to sign out their child, and the office will call the student to the office.

2. In case of illness the parent or pre-authorized person shall be contacted.

3. If any police or court official requests the dismissal of a pupil during school hours, parents should be notified prior to release of the student.

4. Requests for released time for dental and medical appointments shall be honored when impossible to arrange them on non school time. A written request from the pupil’s parents is necessary. 

5. Children will not be dismissed during school hours for non school activities such as private music lessons, dancing lessons, scouts, etc.