The South Middleton School District Special Education Department believes that all children can learn and should be provided the same opportunity to access the general education curriculum as their non-disabled peers.

Special education services are available in each building and are provided to eligible students based on their Individual Education Program (IEP).

The South Middleton School District provides a continuum of services for eligible students. Many programs are operated in the district, while others are a cooperative effort between the district and a neighboring school district. If an appropriate program is not available in the district or a neighboring school district, South Middleton School District may contract with the Capital Area Intermediate Unit or a private educational agency to provide the necessary specially designed instruction.

Guidelines for special education programs and services, as well as the rules and regulations for their operation and maintenance, are mandated by the state and federal government. If you have questions regarding special education programs and services for children that reside in South Middleton School District, contact the Special Education Office located at the District Office or phone 258-6484, ext. 2408.

Parents who believe their child may be in need of special education may request a Multidisciplinary Evaluation. The request shall be made in writing, addressed to the building principal or special education director, and should explain why evaluation is necessary. Such requests may be sent to:

Supervisor of Special Education
4 Academy Street, Suite 100
Boiling Springs, PA 17007