21-22 School Year

SMSD Health and Safety Plan
Home Health Screening Checklist

Parents/guardians please report a student who has recently tested positive for COVID-19 to the respective building nurse:

Rice: Angie Mentzer [email protected] 258-6484 x 3404
IFES: Maria Bessasparis [email protected]  258-6484 x 2405
YBMS: Melissa Short-Ryan [email protected] 258-6484 x 4005
BSHS: Amanda Howard  [email protected] 258-6484 x 1046

If your child is struggling with mental health concerns, the most efficient way for you to seek support is to contact your child's school counselor. Below you will find their email address by school building:   

Rice: Mrs. Rech, [email protected], ext. 3301 
IFES: Mr. Kunkel, [email protected], ext. 2129
YBMS: Ms. Giaquinto, [email protected], ext. 4100; Mrs. Klock, [email protected], ext. 4051
BSHS: Mrs. Graybill, [email protected], ext. 1012; Mrs. Alichwer, [email protected], ext. 1013; Mrs. English, [email protected], ext. 1011

Also, please refer to the COVID-19 Student Support page for additional resources related to mental health.