MAEC Equity Audit Results

Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium (MAEC) Equity Audit Results

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In November 2020, the EDI Steering Committee members completed the Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium (MAEC) Criteria for an Equitable School—Equity Audit to assess SMSD’s climate, process, and content regarding its alignment with equitable schools.  The themes that emerged from this audit, seen in the infographic below, were used to prioritize the areas of strategic action.  These identified needs were then aligned with the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) Equity Pillars of Practice.


The PDE Equity Pillars of Practice are grounded in the following essential questions, which can then be applied to three different spheres:


General Equity Practices: What is the role of educators, staff, --or more broadly, YOU—in shaping the educational community towards greater equity?
Self-Awareness: What is the role of educators, staff, - or more broadly, YOU - in shaping the educational community towards greater equity?
Data Practices: How might our educational community use our own specific data in order to drive equity efforts within our community?
Family/Community Engagement: What is the role of the educational community beyond the school in driving educational equity efforts?
Academic Equity: How might what we teach, practice, and enforce shape educational equity? How are we providing academic access and opportunity?
Disciplinary Equity: Does our system of discipline reflect equity among all student subgroups?


District/School: In what way can the school district or an individual school become more equitable across their systems?
Classroom: What can teachers do, in manners of curriculum, discipline, pedagogy, and classroom culture in order to become better proponents of equity?
Individual: What can an individual, be it a teacher, administrator, student services professional, caregiver, or student, do to promote equity in their educational community?