TSA Regional Results

TSA Regional Results
Posted on 02/04/2020
The YBMS and BSHS Technology Student Association competed this weekend at their regional conference at Gettysburg High School. Mr. Gutacker, Mr. Ronan, Mr. Jarrett, and Mr. Shea took 20 middle school and 26 high school students to compete in events that they have been preparing during after-school work sessions since September. Their hard work paid off as they won a combined total of 47 awards. The following YBMS students won a first place ribbon: Macy Trostle, Gage Hughes, Charlie Willacy, Landon McMahon, Logan Schwang, Weston Rudge, & Ben Snyder. The following BSHS students won first place ribbons: Anna Chamberlin, Roy Delevan, Wesley Dellinger, Disque Nevin, Landon Miller, Jacob Sparages, Ali Baker, Ellie Blanchard, Riley Huff, Evan Kase, Morgan Chamberlin, Ben Fasick, & Connor Dieck.

In addition to competitions, several students volunteered to serve on the regional planning committee. Wesley Dellinger, Ellie Blanchard, Evan Kase, and Ali Baker worked with students from four surrounding districts to plan special interest sessions and to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. In addition Ali Baker served as regional President, Ellie Blanchard as Secretary, and Wesley Dellinger served as Sargent at Arms. Evan Kase also filled in as Historian for the opening ceremonies for an absent officer.

TSA students this year competed in a variety of events that ranged from computer aided design to fashion design. Other popular events include Graphic Design, Software Design, Website Design, Problem Solving, Mass Production, and Dragster. Over half of the students that competed at the regional conference plan to attend the State conference at Seven Springs Resort in April. They will spend every Tuesday and Thursday after school and countless hours of their free time to revise projects and prepare to compete against hundreds of students from across the state.

The following students competed at the conference and should be recognized for their hard work and accomplishments.

8th Grade

Elizabeth Carvell
Gage Hughes
Benjamin Snyder
Tessa Stamper
Macy Trostle
Svyatoslav Venskyy
Charlie Willacy

7th Grade
Ellie Chamberlin
Abby Gardner
Landon McMahon
Josh Plante
Logan Schwang
Sammy Starner
Addy Turner

6th Grade
Andrew Alves
Tyler Blanchard
Ellie Fasick
Evan Gutacker
Weston Rudge
Cameron Trostle

Ali Baker
Ryan Beaston
Ellie Blanchard
Anna Chamberlin
Morgan Chamberlin
Brinley Croft
Roy Delevan
Wesley Dellinger
Conner Dieck
Nevin Disque
Ben Fasick
Kathryn Felix
Jackson Glaser
Eva Hanlin
Riley Huff
Claire James
Evan Kase
Brady Kondek
Eric Martin
Charles McPhail
Collin Miller
Landon Miller
Owen Schlotthauer
Joe Sellers
Jacob Sparages
Caleb Wasielewski

2020 Region 3 Results, YBMS
2020 Region 3 Results, BSHS