CASAC Science Fair Results

CASAC Science Fair Results
Posted on 01/27/2020
Congratulations to our SMSD students who participated in this year's Carlisle Area Science Advisory Committee Science Fair:  

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From left to right: Bobby Banerjee, President CASAC; Madison Knavel, First Place, Junior Division; Braeden Banerjee, Second Place, Junior Division; and Cristiano Herrera, Second Place, Elementary Division

Cookie Dough Temperature Challenge,  Charles Adams, Honorable Mention   
Gummy in Water or Vinegar, Katelyn Anderson, 3rd Place    
Does Music Affect Animal Behavior? Bijou Baker, 1st Place    
Storing Fruit and Vegetables Together: What Should You Know? Crosby Beevers, 2nd Place    
The Vanishing Candy Cane, Liam Dubbs, 2nd Place    
Can you teach an old cat new tricks? Joe and Aubrey Eichenmiller, 3rd Place    
Which Fruit Rots the Fastest? Kaeden Frank, Honorable Mention    
Biggest Soda Explosion? Josh Gardner, 3rd Place  
The Dog Days of Color, Liv Garman, 2nd Place    
Pennies In Soda Faythe Gettys, Honorable Mention    
Will this flower change color? Kai Guistwite, Honorable Mention    
Can You Make a Happy Song Sad? Danielle Hart, 1st Place    
Home Insulation: Is There an Alternative? Cristiano Herrera, 1st Place, 2nd Grand Champion    
How can you make your pearly whites shine? Emma Hiles, 2nd Place    
Flower Power, Skylee Hill, Honorable Mention    
Popsicle Stick Bridge: Which design is the strongest? Trip Huffman, 2nd Place    
How High Can This Dough Rise? Elise Johnson, Honorable Mention    
Achoo: Which tissue is the strongest? Tristan Kilko, 2nd Place    
What candy will dissolve faster in different liquids? Ethan Kinn, 3rd Place    
Do peas like any light as much as the sun? Samantha Knopp, Honorable Mention    
Ow! That Kernel Hurt! George Lindsey, 3rd Place  
Incredible Growing Gummy Bears, William Matzner, Honorable Mention    
What water should you be drinking? Emma Morgan, 2nd Place    
Does Color Effect the Perceived Taste of Food/Drink? Dylan Petula and Dominick Scavone, 1st Place  
Paint stain removal, Emily Roccisano, Honorable Mention     
Geode Eggs, Luke Rumer and Luka Shoemaker, Honorable Mention    
Brain + radio waves = Duh, Isaiah Santana, 2nd Place    
What liquid will deteriorate wood the fastest? Kaden Stong, Honorable Mention    
Flying Darts, Wesly Stottlemyer, 2nd Place    
Yellow Breeches Race, Andrew Straub, 1st Place  
Paper vs. plastic: the battle to save the sea,  Jocelyn Stump, 1st Place    
Making Plants Grow With Music, Ella Woodman, 3rd Place    

Make them sparkle, Addison Fulton and Makenna Adams, 2nd Place  
How Different Liquids Affect Plant Growth, Kady Magnuson and Layna Magnuson, 3rd Place  
What substances can light bulbs go through and how long before they don't work? Karlea Wilson and Ila Landers, 3rd Place  
Loco Motion, Braeden Banerjee, 1st Place, 2nd Grand Champion    
Hey there, Dog - What's your favorite color? Ella Garman, 3rd Place    
Flying Under the Influence, Madison Knavel, 1st Place, 1st Grand Champion    
Light color intensity, Grant Magnani, 2nd Place    
Popcorn Kernel Project, Lucas Patterson, 3rd Place    
Air Convection's Relation to the Distance from a Heat Source, Katherine Straub, 1st Place    

Which characteristics of a baseball stadium most affect a player’s batting performance? Blake Delevan, 2nd Place    
What's That Sound? Claire James, 1st Place    
Does Height Affect How Fast You Swim? Kyleigh Hostetter, 2nd Place    
How does divorce affect a child's opinion of love? Maggie Stephens, 3rd Place    
Is there a gender bias and or tendencies with adjectives when describing babies? Brooke Graham and Evan Taylor, 2nd Place   
Do different types of bread grow mold faster than others? Paige Harris and Peyton Lubinsky, 2nd Place
Microwaves and a Plant's Growth Trey McCardell and Eli Bounds, 3rd Place  
What Conditions Affect a Plant the Most? Aidan Werner and Ben Kimmel, 3rd Place  
The Distance Question: Wood Bats versus Metal Bats, Sean Christenson, Christian Petrovich, and Carson Winters, 2nd Place
Which brand of football Kicks the best? Kobin Karper and Aidan Metzgar, 2nd Place  
Do Different Types of Glue Affect Whether or Not Slime Can Be Formed? Leslie Mummert and Lilly Kann, 2nd Place  
Water algae, Madeline Pierce and Alexis Loudon, 3rd Place  
Does water pH affect surface tension? Ajla Salkic and Brandon Oles, 3rd Place 

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