Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

Parents/Guardians of cyber students have a unique opportunity and responsibility to participate in the education of their children. Parents are expected to:

  • Directly supervise the student’s education at home.

  • Provide a physical environment conducive to the student’s educational needs.

  • Obtain the information needed to log in to monitor the student’s progress.

  • Log in at least weekly to monitor the student’s progress.

  • Assist the student in complying with all rules, policies, and procedures of the school.

  • Assist the student in the submission of all forms, applications, and documentation to the school in a timely manner.

  • Maintain regular contact with the cyber director by telephone and email.

  • Monitor the student’s computer use to assure that computer equipment and software are used for educational purposes and in accordance with school policy.

  • Work with the student and his/her cyber director to ensure successful completion of the curriculum within the course completion time frame.

  • Assure that all work submitted by the student was completed solely by that student.

  • Notify the school immediately of any change in the student’s contact information or academic status.

  • Provide the student with transportation as needed to participate in standardized testing or other school activities.

  • Return all instructional materials and equipment to the school as requested by the student’s cyber school cyber director.